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Why Spot on Sales?

The Spot on Sales approach offers sales and sales-management a clear perspective on the specific elements that are essential for realising sustainable results. And more importantly, how to apply these elements to achieve continuous development and improvement in your sales performance.

We believe that most companies have access to a lot of the elements that determine success. But are they attainable for sales? We help connect these elements and identify areas where improvements can be made. Purpose is to build a future-proof sales organisation. Ready to face any new challenges that may arise.

Engaged sales people bring
22% more profit.
Do you want to know how?

How we work

People who are in contact with customers know best what is going on. So it goes without saying that our solution is not turnkey, but that we involve the sales people themselves when establishing the desired direction. We work with a number of specially developed questionnaires and with short interactive sessions. In this way, a Sales Excellence Framework® is formed, giving concrete direction to sales activities. In three steps:


The scan phase is aimed at determining where your company’s strengths lie. You will get an insight in to what extent your salesforce is utilising your company’s unique elements when helping customers navigate towards a solution. We will also examine whether your salesforce’s craftsmanship and efforts fit with your firm’s ambitions. In our approach, we will draw these conclusions together. The results and recommendations will be converted into a concrete action plan so that you can get to work and start improving results immediately.


What standards do you set? What are your expectations of your sales people with regard to those specific elements that have to make the difference? We will help you build a Sales Excellence Framework®. An instrument developed in practice that leads to a demonstrably effective sales approach. Special attention is paid to the role of the sales manager as leader and coach. We also focus on the art of goal-setting, especially in the field of craftsmanship. We have designed three dedicated workshops for this purpose.


The translation to actual practice. The sales-management toolkit is tailored to optimally support every sales individual. Now it is a matter of consistent monitoring and embedding of your sales standard that we determined together. Quite practically, this means planning coaching sessions, evaluating personal development and closely monitoring results. This will result in a cycle of continuous adaptations and improvements. Because we know from experience that this phase is crucial to the end-result, Spot on Sales offers concrete process support.

Our team

We are not traditional consultants. We have gained experience in the real world of sales. Our drive is helping companies achieve better results through motivated, engaged and skilled sales people.

Thomas Morshuis

Twenty-five years’ experience with a track record in leading and transforming teams. Practical, result-oriented with a focus on developing talent.

Samantha Smaal

Over 20 years’ experience in management roles in sales, coaching and general management. Hands-on, with a drive to improve people’s potential.

Michel Timmermans

Over 30 years’ business experience in senior management and executive roles in general management, sales, customer service and marketing.

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